Redefining wireless assessments

SILICA 7.12 Release Notes
  • Option to automatically upload captured SILICA data from: . Passive session hijacking . Fake Access Point and Ad-Hoc mode . Traffic Rewrite modes
  • Ability to upload Pcap's from SILICA GUI: . Ethernet wired Pcap's . Wireless with or without radiotap header
  • STALKER mode to force redirection and collecting more data

    • Fake Access Point and Ad-Hoc supports radius like credential capturing for attacking WPA1,2 and WEP enterprise configured networks (PEAP, LEAP)

    • Fake Access point and Ad-Hoc mode with phishing attack capabilities:

  • Capture HTTP usernames and passwords for: . Facebook and Facebook Mobile . Twitter . Gmail (does not work against Google-Chrome)

  • Capture IMAP credentials
  • Capture any SMTP emails the user tries to send
  • Answer all DNS queries
  • Capture POP3 credentials
  • Easter-egg for Pandora mobile Apps (iphone and android maybe more!)

    • New VMware image with an improved wireless driver. Please note the old VMware image will still be supported but updates for it will be discontinued as of the next SILICA release. Contact to receive an updated version.

    • Intelligent difficulty factor of attacking a network in the form of a color next to the network name

    • New clientd exploit for Java forName/getField Method Invocation Sandbox Bypass (CVE-2012-4681)

    • New option to allow wireshark sniffing on a particular channel

    • Update WPA cracking C module with more statistics about progress and ETA


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