Redefining wireless assessments

SILICA 7.4 Release Notes

The new features of this release include:

  • New FakeAP tab shows all access points that wireless clients are probing for.

  • Access point impersonation.

    • Become an access point that a wireless client is probing (to force the client to connect to SILICA).
    • Provide the wireless client Internet. 'Passively' steal cookies and watch all live network traffic in Wireshark.
    • Optionally choose to inject client-side exploits into the browser as they browse the Internet (using new injection module).
  • Incorporation of ClientD - a framework that dynamically delivers client-side exploits.

    • This release of SILICA includes 3 new client-side exploit modules:

    • Android parent stylesheet vulnerability versions 2.1 and 2.2.1

    • Adobe Flash player <= versions (CVE-2011-2110)
    • IE Peers setAttribute (CVE-2010-0806)
  • Passive injection

    • Passively inject client-side exploits (using ClientD) or a custom payload into the browser of wireless clients.
  • Updates to the man-in-the-middle with client-side injection module.

    • Now the victim will be allowed to visit the pages they requested only with an added frame that points to ClientD to serve client-side exploits.
    • Uses a new injection module


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