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SILICA 7.41 Release Notes

WPA traffic decryption using the Kr00k Attack (CVE-2019-15126):
  • The Kr00k Attack exploits a vulnerability in some very common Broadcom chipsets that cause a device to send zero-key encrypted data packets for a short period of time after a deauthentication packet is received. This module will send deauthentication packets to trigger the vulnerability, decrypt the packets, and display them on a wireshark window.
  • The module supports attacking a single device, or all devices connected to an access point. The module uses an heuristic based on the timing and throughput of data packets from the target to be more effective. The heuristic parameters can be adjusted from the Preferences Panel.
  • Note: Some Broadcom chipsets support a non-standard modulation scheme that the SILICA card does not support. It is possible that this module does not work when the target is connected to an Access Point that has some Broadcom chipsets and they are using this modulation scheme. This module was tested on a Raspberry Pi 3 target.

To view a demonstration of the new features visit: Demo: SILICA 7.41 - Kr00k Attack


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