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SILICA 7.43 Release Notes

Known beacons attack
  • Many modern operating systems are not vulnerable to standard "karma" attacks as they passively scan for known open networks instead of broadcasting probe requests. In the "known beacons attack", beacons advertising ESSIDs from a list of known common network names are broadcasted. This attack is effective because many operating system default to auto-connecting to known open networks. This attack has been implemented in SILICA as an enhancement to the "karma" module, and it is launched from the "FakeAP settings" dialog box. There is a predefined common ESSIDs list, and a custom list can be loaded from the "PREFERENCES/Module Config" dialog box.
Improved Deauthentication Attack
  • SILICA now supports deauthenticating all stations from a BSS even when another module is running. The attack is launched from the "Network Listing" tab, by selecting the "DoS: Deauthenticate All Clients". The only limitation is that if the attack is launched while another module is running, then the target network must be in the same channel as the current wireless channel. This improvement is specially intended to be used together with the FakeAP module.
Probe Requests MAC Randomization Handling
  • MAC randomization in probe requests was introduced by operating system vendors to enhance privacy. As a result, SILICA probe visualizations were confusing after scanning for a certain period, as too many MAC addresses were displayed. SILICA now groups together probe requests in the FakeAP tab by ESSID and hide the MAC address by default. In the "Neighborhood Graph" visualization, SILICA groups together MAC addresses that had only proved the same ESSID. MAC address that were seen in other interactions are still displayed individually.

Demo: SILICA 7.43 - Known APs Attack & Improved Deauthentication Attack


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