Redefining wireless assessments

SILICA 7.44 Release Notes

Site Survey Reports
  • The Access Point Mapping feature is used to create wireless site surveys that are useful for detecting rogue access points. SILICA now can generate detailed reports in Microsoft Word (.docx) format. In addition of the mappings and tables that can be seen in the SILICA user interface, the report includes additional mappings generated by individual capture paths (also known as walking sessions). These maps are intended to detect errors or details not shown on other visualizations.
Better error detection when connecting to access points.
  • SILICA now does better handling of errors when connecting to an access point. SILICA will detect and warn about the wrong key being used if possible. Also, SILICA now monitors the connection quality while connected to an access point, warning the user if a high rate of packet loss is detected.
Improvement in "Deauthenticate all clients" module
  • When attacking an access point with many clients, SILICA waited for acknowledgement packets from every individual station after sending a deauth packet. Since this release, SILICA does not wait for acknowledgements, resulting in a more effective attack.


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