Redefining wireless assessments

SILICA 7.5 Release Notes
  • New SILICA interface
    • New log window that displays more information about each step SILICA is performing
    • Added tooltip hints between tabs
    • Displays the quantity of clients connected to each AP
    • Title bar statistics including uptime, total number of APs, clients, Probes and Ad-Hod networks
    • Expand/Collapse and Clear contents in the Cookie Viewer and Fake AP tabs
  • Ability to resume your actions if you decide to close your lid or accidentally unplug your wireless card
  • Optimized WEP cracking speeds for faster results
  • Inject client-side exploits into selective targets that are active in Cookie Viewer
  • Supply custom access point names to 'become' in Fake AP mode
  • Geo locate a MAC address using the Google's Geolocation API
  • Automatically attempt to gain SYSTEM after a Windows client-side exploit has succeeded using a local privilege escalation (MS11-054, Null pointer dereference, CVE-2011-1888)
  • Added support for OAUTH Authentication hijacking to the Cookie Viewer tab
  • Ability to clone MAC address of a client from the wifimonitor window


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